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Your way is the only way



I have some good news for you and some bad news for you. And this news is actually the same news.

It is the fact that your way is the only way.

What I mean by this is that there is only one path in this life. Only one understanding that will lead to a satisfactory life.

And this understanding is really accepting deep into our bones that the correct way of living is unique to every single person on the planet.

This is how personal alignment is. It is individual, it is powerful and it changes moment to moment.

As long as we fight this, as long as we compare ourselves with other people’s life paths and worry that our choices don’t hold up to what other people want us to do, we will suffer. That is why we only have one choice in this life if we want to feel fulfilled, find ease and feel like we are contributing to the planet the way we are meant to be.

That is to find our own way.

A way that does not replicate anyone else’s way but feels completely true to our authentic selves.

This takes practice because no one has taught us this. We have been trained to tow the line and not stir the pot and make sure what we do is agreeable to everyone else. But compromise can be very dangerous if it takes us away from authentic action.

You see, we each really need to find our own way in this life. There is no cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all model that will work.

And this is bad news because this practising of being authentic and finding our way is kind of a lonely process. Okay, not “kind of”. It is a really lonely process because what is really true is this:

  • No one else can see into our soul and see what we need
  • No one else can see into our soul and understand why what we need is what we need
  • And, most of the time we are so caught up in the illusion that how much money we have, how we look and what other people think about us is important (though to your soul it is not) that we can’t even see into our own soul and see what we need

Okay, that was the bad news, now for the good news… actually now for the FABULOUS news.

When we start to find our own way and start to feel in alignment with our true life path, things become quite nice, really. Our days become easy and what we need falls into place without struggle. We feel happy to be alive just doing what we are doing.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

The trick to getting to this place of living our way (which is the only way) is really quite simple (it won’t feel simple, but it is). It just comes down to one question:

What does my soul want?

Yes, this is a big question. Yes, it is an uncomfortable question. But it is only one question.

All we have to do is keep asking and listening, asking and listening to this one question and we will find our way.

Did you notice I didn’t say we need to analyse every detail of our lives and plan and worry and scheme about how we will make our lives turn out right? Did you notice I didn’t say we need to complain and blame and feel powerless that our lives will never turn out right?

No, I didn’t say that is what we do. Instead of using all of our energy to worry, we can steer that same energy to becoming committed.

We become committed to this concept that the only way to live our life is our way; and that our way is perfect even if other people can’t see it.

Then we become committed to really learning what our way is. Not what our way was last year or five years ago; not what our way is going to be next year or five years from now. But what our way is right now.

What does your soul want right now?


The answer might excite you, or the answer might hurt your heart, or the answer might scare you, or the answer might seem mundane and boring.

But this isn’t about getting an answer we like. It isn’t about getting an answer that thrills us and makes everything make sense.

No, if the answer confuses us then we just listen and experience confusion.

Because when we stop striving for a certain result on our path, and instead just experience life exactly as it is, what happens is that the struggle fizzles out and we actually can start experiencing reality.

So, let me share with you one secret about what your soul wants:

Your soul wants you to face reality.

And let me send my love and compassion right now — because often the reality is that we are mad or we are sad. That is why we spend all of our time thinking about the past and the future, because who wants to be mad or sad?

The soul wants to, that is who: The soul needs to you to face up to what is really true for you so that you can transform it.

We can transform that mad and sad into compassion, empathy and inspiration; and when the soul gets a hold of that juicy stuff then it is all going to start to come together for you.

And that coming together is going to feel like coming home — coming home to a way of living that is yours and only yours, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Ruth Lera

Ruth Lera

Ruth Lera is a mindfulness meditation teacher, energy healer and boreal forest loiterer. She is inspired to write constantly and loves the sense of connection this brings. You can find out more about Ruth at her website, Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube channel (links below)

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