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I have a tattoo on my right forefinger: LBF. No, they’re not my initials… I don’t need to remind myself of who I am. They stand for the things I want to remember. They are a sign-post.

L stands for Love.

B stands for beauty ~ to define as I wish (which is nearly and dearly everything).

F stands for freedom.

Yet even though I have this sign-post that I look at everyday, I still forget who I am. Sad? Or just human?

If you read my Open Letter to Writers, you know that I believe writers are beauty-bringers. As artists and story-weavers, one of their roles is to embody the most fundamental and (aside from love) most valuable human expression — creativity.

On a social level, I believe this expression dissolves apathy and spreads medicine in a toxic culture.

Some symptoms of toxicity are the general devaluation of artists and art; the hatred and subsequent twisting of sexuality, pleasure, and play; and a compulsive drive to shame anything that feels good as indulgent and selfish.

As for me, I don’t need the Dalai Lama’s assurance that my self-love and pleasure are the first steps to compassion.  That self-love means creating a better world for all. But I liked it when I found out he agreed with me. He calls this “wise-selfish.”

I call this “bringing the beauty.”

Beauty-bringers have sacred roles — and come in many forms. Which is why we must never judge anything we find beautiful, joyful, or pleasurable.  We must never use beauty to make each other wrong.

So how will you bring it, you adorable beauty-bringer?


{Photo: chiarashine / Flickr}

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Cynthia Lindeman

Cynthia Lindeman

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