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Sitting in the hedgerow one day I was struck with insight when watching three butterflies. Two of these were large, beautiful with white markings, the third was a small brown type, very plain but equally as beautiful. The two white ones were chasing the smaller brown one and seemed to be quite cross (I am unsure if butterflies do in fact have the capability to be cross but they certainly looked it!)

The smaller brown one seemed to be definitely laughing as it evaded the two larger butterflies. It suddenly occurred to me how we all do such similar things, whatever species — we all get frustrated at times and bogged down in negativity; at other times, the shoe is on the other foot and we have this amazing sense of freedom and manage to avoid anything negative that comes our way.

This smaller butterfly was certainly leading the other two a merry dance. He was smaller, faster and much quicker in changing direction, following the flow of the gentle breeze. In the end, the two larger ones just gave up the chase and let him be.

I thought about the fact that although he was smaller and outnumbered, he did not have to put as much effort into this chasing game — he moved easily and gracefully but always slightly ahead of the others.

I suppose the thought is that just because you are smaller and not as beautifully coloured does not mean you have any less energy and if you are in a positive mind set then the flow of positivity is with you and you remain free.

If however, you are caught up in the negativity of frustration and not able to achieve what you want right at that moment of time, the act of perpetuating that energy by pushing at something that is not meant to happen merely makes you more frustrated and cross. It would be much better to leave whatever it is until another time — a time when you are not coming at it with the energy of frustration and need.

The two white butterflies may have been quite justified in their crossness with the small brown guy — maybe he stole some of their nectar or perhaps he was trying to infiltrate the white butterfly colony… Whatever it was they were all doing though served as a great reminder to do things when the time is right and also never to doubt our capabilities once we are in the flow of positive energy.

Great things can be achieved by those who are tiny and the bigger bullies in their negative mind states can never catch up with an energy that is lighter and brighter than theirs.

Next time you are feeling frustrated or angry and trying to move a situation forward, remember these butterflies and follow the actions of the smaller more lighthearted guy who was treating life as the joyful thing that it can be, not taking it too seriously and going with the flow of the breeze.


This article was first published on Debbie’s blog on her website, Nature’s Message, and can be viewed here.

{Photo: Daniel Hall / Flickr Creative Commons}

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Debbie Atkinson

Debbie Atkinson

Debbie is a healer, therapist and teacher who lives in Brittany, France where she spends a lot of time being bullied by her rescue dogs and chased by ungrateful chickens. She also gives channelled recorded readings and writes about life, love and nature on her website, Nature's Message, and her Facebook page.

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