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Recalibrate: Self-care summer camp




It’s summer — the sun is high and the heat is heavy, our passions are headier than they’ve ever been and we’re mustering up every last bit of energy we have to make the most of the long days and the warmth on our skin.

But at some point, it might start to feel a bit much, a little overwhelming. There really might be too much of a good thing sometimes — sunburn, indigestion, blisters on our feet and weariness in our heads are the unfortunate evidence that we just might have overdone it.

This August, a beauty full mind and our sister blogs Be You Media Group and Some Talk of You and Me, are tempering down, allowing a little slowness to slide back in as summer winds its way out. We’ll be focusing on self-care throughout the month, finding ways to bring quiet back into the madness, ahead of returning to work and facing the back-to-school rush.

Let’s centre our hearts and heads and spirits before autumn sobers us up; before the Earth mellows into her reds and golds; before we bundle into a wintry hibernation.

We’ll be looking at what self-care means, why it’s so important and how we can bring more of it into our lives. For some of you, self-care might mean keeping aside 10 minutes of a day for yourself; others might want to block off an entire week for a self-care retreat. It might mean relearning the way you relax; or it might involve changes in how you do the most basic things, like eating, exercising, playing and sleeping.

In certain cases, self-care may have nothing to do with what we’re doing physically but is an entirely internal conversation — how we talk to ourselves, what kinds of thoughts we nourish ourselves with, how we fuel up on inspiration.

First, make sure you sign up to our #SelfCareSummerCamp mailing list right here. We’ll be sending weekly round-ups of our best self-care articles and you’ll receive a free mini self-care retreat kit full of tips, suggestions and resources for bringing more TLC into your life.

a beauty full mind would also love to hear what you have to say about self-care and are accepting articles, poetry and art submissions for this theme, to be published on the site throughout August.

– Why is self-care important to you?
– Do you believe you deserve self-care? Why or why not? 
– What does self-care look like or feel like? 
– What are some of your own special ways for incorporating more care into your daily life?
– What areas in your life need more love and care, and why? 
– What are you needing to change to bring more self-care in?

As part of our self-care summer camp, we’ll also be posting inspiring articles and lush, nourishing goodies through the month on a beauty full mind‘s Facebook page (have you liked?). Look out for the hashtag #SelfCareSummerCamp and tag your own posts and articles so we can find you and share the goodness forward.

Now wrap yourself in a big hug, turn on your favourite tunes, sink into that old worn-out sofa and have a biscuit. In this summer camp, the best thing you can do sometimes is nothing.


{Photo: Leeroy/StockSnap}

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