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[Poetry] The bitter-sweet symphony of growing up




Sometimes it feels like you can’t hold on any longer
to that rope of the past,
hands are getting weak while the heart may be getting stronger.

Sometimes, it feels like you can’t figure it out at all;
it feels difficult when you climb the tree of imagination,
and so, you suddenly fall.

Sometimes it is best to go it all alone,
so you can recognise your lost face —
if it is made of flesh and blood, or of stone.

Sometimes it feels so confusing to let it all go,
shadows of the past cling in your mind,
while you have to choose to say to life” “yes” or “no”.

Sometimes it is better to be alone and cry,
than to hold on to people to make you feel safe
while you are disconnected from yourself and your soul feels dry.

Sometimes it is better to feel your own insanity
than to find ways to escape from it;
it is better to feel your whole self, your inner agony.

Sometimes it is better to close the door,
and let people know you need some space to be on your own,
otherwise you can’t grow your wings and rise from the floor.

Sometimes it is okay to weep and let every feeling talk to you
with its own sweetness and bitterness;
that’s the only way to know parts of yourself you never knew.

Sometimes it is okay to fall on your knees,
and pray to the nothingness,
asking for help, daring to say, “Help, please”.

Sometimes it is okay to sit and talk to you,
get to know who dwells inside,
what the man or woman in you wants you to do.

Sometimes, you don’t have to answer all your questions
that often come like mirages in the desert,
bringing in a light and many other white manifestations.

Sometimes, it is okay to let go and be none —
when we try hard, it may never work out,
there’s a lot for us to see inside, lots of knots to be un-done.

Sometimes, we need to surrender,
give up our own shit and craziness
and stop being a pretender.

It may feel so scary to do so,
because we don’t want to let go who we once were,
but for a more smiling future, the past has to go.

Sometimes we feel like little children who cry and yell;
it feels scary to grow and evolve at times,
as something will have to die for a new sound to come from a new bell.

Sometimes the pain of growing is so intense
that the only choice we have is to move through it;
to decide to embrace it and tremble in fear, without any defence.


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Ilda Dashi

Ilda Dashi

llda is a seeker of truth in life. She had been accumulating things that she thought really mattered in life, until she realised that nothing is of greater importance that finding her own self and her own path; in other words, her own soul. She is continuing to seek new ways of dealing with her stuggles and understanding her path and her uniqueness. This sometimes scares her, but she also knows she can’t follow any path other than the one her soul is calling her to follow. She is a lover of nature and silence. She loves to be still and meditate, because in those moments she glimpses her own truth beyond the veil of dust filled with conditioning and ignorance from the past. She is a dreamer and likes to reach the stars. You can also find her writing and poetry on elephant journal, The Tattooed Buddha and Journey of the Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry.

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