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Each body is different, with its own unique shape, size and attractiveness. And although we always we read or hear people talk about how important it is for us to love and respect our body, it is much easier said than done.

I do not have a “perfect” body — definitely not how society defines “perfection” anyway. When I was younger, I worried so much about how society would perceive me based on my body size and shape, that it became the most important thing for me. I could never gather the confidence to wear short dresses or go out in a body-hugging tee. My mind thought of nothing but how people will look at me. This went on for years. I was never comfortable in the body I had and always had something to complain about it. All the difficult days of my early teenage years went into trying to improve my physical body and as a result, made me lose even more faith and confidence in myself.

It is only recently that I have started to see things in a different light. It is only recently that I have started feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Now, I think of my body as being carefree; it is free from all the norms and standards. It loves to fly with freedom, with no chains to suffocate it. I might seem crazy not to think about how I appear to everyone around me but to hell with all that — I do not care.

I have had days when I felt like I was completely losing any last bit of confidence. There were days when I felt that hiding away in the confines of my house would have been a better option than getting out and facing the world. Not anymore! I refuse to let the chains bind me; I refuse to give up.

It took me a long time to accept that I am not supposed to please anyone, all I had to do was please my body and myself: I had to let it feel happy.

Years later, today I am proud to call this body my own. I am happy being a misfit, happy being something that many in this society may not like. I am happy loving myself and treating myself. Hot body or not, I know I have a caring heart and a beautiful mind. And that’s what counts.

It is beyond my understanding why not meeting these ‘perfect’ body ideals is an important issue. Why do we have to start so many campaigns to bring awareness to the fact that our bodies are not the only thing about us? Surely it should go without saying that there is so much to us than just our flesh and fat. We have our brains and hearts to make us proud about ourselves. We have the ability to provide unconditional love, which I feel is the biggest gift given to humankind.

A loving heart and a thinking brain is loved and appreciated much more than our physical body. Why then do we spend an eternity trying to improve something — our bodies — to be more loveable when that isn’t ultimately what others love and value about us? We are amazing, with the perfect body or not. Confidence speaks for itself. A confident person who carries herself with perfect ease — fat or thin or whatever they look like — will automatically gain admiration.

Why do we submit ourselves to this lifelong anguish to look good to people who might not even care, who are probably more concerned about fulfilling their own needs and desires?

The best thing we can do for our bodies is let them be how they wish to be. Let our bodies be happy; give them what they need. Don’t let’s force our bodies into doing things only to please the rest of the world.

Let our faces feel radiant with happiness, not with a lot of beauty products. Before expecting anyone else to love and respect us, let’s learn how to respect ourselves. Let’s start by learning how to respect our bodies and how to feel confident in our own skin. Feel the joy of carrying our own bodies and showing them off with complete ease.

Own your body like it is the most precious thing in the world. It is.

I am a bird,
Happy to be flying around,
I have no cage,
There is no net,
My body laughs,
My skin radiates love,
My heart is warm and,
My brain is strong,
You could not bind me,
You could not break me,
I grew,
I rose,
A misfit I became—
A proud misfit.


{Photo: Daniel Santalla/StockSnap}

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Sonia Shrestha

Sonia Shrestha

Sonia is a literature student who is on a journey to know herself, and is passionate about reading and writing. She loves deep and meaningful conversations. A good book and comfortable surrounding is all she needs. You can find more of her writings on elephant journal and The Tattooed Buddha.

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