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#fiercehearttalk: a month of reclaiming our truest, brightest, most beautiful selves


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In July, a beauty full mind together with Be You Media Group and Some Talk of You and Me from our blog family will be looking into our Fierce Hearts and discovering the courage it takes to become out brightest, truest most beautiful selves.

We have all had moments where we’ve felt silenced, small and shackled, where listening to our own voice is frightening. But we’ve also, perhaps, felt the freedom of finding that voice again, breaking the shackles, making ourselves big, bellowing through the silence with the loud, proud voice of own pure truths.

We want to hear those stories because we believe that those are the tales create new sparks to light a brave fire in the hearts of others. Those are the passionate firestarters that will bring others’ voices out from under their fearful places of hiding, behind or under their hearts. Those are the strength-filled, beauty-full tales that endure.

We invite you to submit your own #fiercehearttalk stories:

  • What makes you brave?
  • What fears, big or small, have you battled and overcome?
  • How have you triumped?
  • What makes your heart spark?
  • Or gleam a little brighter?
  • What would it feel like to have a fierce heart?

Send your story pitches to us at hello@abeautyfullmind.com (first, check out our guidelines here).

Or share your Fierce Hearts with us on Facebook through a photo, a quote, a piece of art, poetry, a video. Just don’t forget to hashtag #fiercehearttalk and tag us to your posts.

We can’t wait to see you in July!

(PS: those of you who have received the newsletter mailer about this may have seen that the hashtag we used there was #FierceHearts. This was incorrect (sorry!) and we are now using #FierceHeartTalk for all posts and social media tags. Thank you!)


{Photo: Stuart Caie / Flickr}

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