I don’t think there’s been a time in my life when I haven’t been shamed for my looks, or weight, or hair… or whatever other part of my appearance that society at large has deemed to be “unacceptable” at the time.

I have decided to start a beauty full mind because I believe that almost all of us in the modern world experience similar beauty terror or body anxieties. An “ugly” person feels tortured for not having the right looks, while a beautiful one is terrified of losing them.

Every day, we receive thousands of images telling us what is or isn’t beautiful, acceptable, good enough. Mostly, we know these have been heavily edited, air-brushed and fixed, so that what appears to be ‘normal’ and ‘ideal’ is in fact nothing like what normal really is.

a beauty full mind is a response to this onslaught of beauty messages. This website recognises that “beauty” is so much more than just what we look like. Beauty is defined as anything that delights the senses and gives great pleasure to the mind. We all know that this can be so many things – our experiences, relationships, the things we see, touch, smell, taste and feel, on physical, emotional and even spiritual levels.

There is beauty to be felt, seen and enjoyed in just about everything we do, if we can only learn to allow it in. I wanted to create a space that would allow new discussions of what beauty can be and what it is to you and me, and everyone in between.

I hope a beauty full mind will challenge conventional, normalised beauty standards, expose them for the harm that they create and propose alternative ways for regarding and appreciating beauty instead — in all its forms, including but certainly not limited to the physical.

So this is what a beauty full mind is about: filling up on everything good and delightful and true. While billboards, magazines and media busy themselves telling us what we don’t have, a beauty full mind is here to remind you of what you already have. It is a place and community that celebrates fullness, instead of ruminating on lack.

Nobody falls short here; we fill up and live full-y.

Come on in and get cosy. Let this be a place to fill up or to contribute towards the conversation. a beauty full mind finds its fullness in the expression and thought of every single person who comes by.


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